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Last updated: February 19, 2006


Welcome to Astrophe's brand new home (in more ways than one)!!

As you may recall, Astrophe is a blue-eyed, Siamese-mix cat who deigns to let Brennan, Christa and Dave live with her.  Up until October of 2000, they lived together happily (or at least, as happily as a cat can co-exist with a toddler) in Westminster, California.  Then came the Time of Evil.

Strange men entered the house on Stonebridge Avenue and created Great Havoc--leaving nothing but piles of cardboard boxes in their wake.  Astrophe herself was subjected to imprisonment in the hated Cat Carrier along with the indignity of being drugged out of her little mind.  After days and days of this torture--which was compounded by conveyance in the hideous Green Van for hours at a time--Astrophe was freed in a strange new land known as Charlotte, North Carolina.

As the family settled in, Astrophe was eventually able to determine that the Time of Evil had been caused by Dave's desire to work at a new company called Transamerica.  (She's a little fuzzy on all this, since the whole concept of "work" has pretty much escaped her.  --Ed.)  However, she decided to permit him to continue to live with her anyway, since it also became clear that her new residence on Abbey Hill Lane is superior in both number and duration of available sunbeams.

Christa, much to Astrophe's annoyance, has decided to start a business.  Since said business seems to involve practicing painting on ALL of the walls in her house, Astrophe's catnaps are often disturbed.  But, in an amazingly magnanimous gesture, she's allowing Christa to link her business website to this one.  Feel free to check out www.mdmurals.com 

If you're curious about Astrophe's humans, feel free to browse through the rest of her website--it's full of pictures and info about Brennan, Christa and Dave (although it's mostly Brennan).  Or heck, you can contact them directly at: cat "at" astrophe.net

February 23, 2005-
Many new additions to the household, including Talia.  Astrophe has instructed her humans to update this site soon, or risk widespread destruction of property.  Come back soon for more details.  If you're interested in some light reading on Dave's new company (since May, 2004), check out www.scottishre.com, or follow this link to some fascinating pdfs: Scottish Re Links

Keep purring!!

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